Brussels in B&W

Just a few pics from a long weekend in Brussels that came with the realisation that things change.

Fotografie MD 2015 20151024_131033

A while back I took the same old camera I had with me this time, on that trip to Thailand. It’s a beat-up old Canon 350D with the 50mm f/1.8 . You can’t go any cheaper than that.

Fotografie MD 2015 20151025_142503 - Version 2

But there was a difference between way back then and now. I just couldn’t get the shots I wanted with it. Don’t get me wrong, I can still handle it with my eyes closed, change to every setting I want by touch alone. But the image through the viewfinder seemed all wrong.

Fotografie MD 2015 20151025_152738

Fotografie MD 2015 20151025_152821

The size of the thing is still perfect, managing to squeeze it into the cross-shoulder bag I was carrying. It fits my hand perfectly with the shoulder strap wrapped around my wrist. But I found myself not bothering to take it out when I came across a decent pic.

Fotografie MD 2015 20151025_160142

Which is why every single image you’ve just seen was taken with my mobile phone. The next ones are the ones I took with the 350D.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_2386

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_2394

Of course they’re all heavily processed, but I really don’t see the upside of the small DSLR over the mobile phone anymore. Call me late to the game if you want, but the phone is on me at all times anyway – so why bother?

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_2400

When I work, I rely on my full-frame Canon, mostly in combination with a prime lens, which may be why the crop-sized viewfinder image of the 350D seemed all wrong now… I can’t say why for certain, but we’ve definitely fallen out of love.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_2420

So it’s goodbye old trusty DSLR – except for when I use it for my photobooth at weddings and parties. Henceforth I’ll either be travelling light or really heavy, depending on the mood.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_2421

Oh and Brussels is a culinary delight, along with a great city to party and lots of friendly people. Special mention goes to the part called Ixelles and its African quarter with a couple of great restaurants!