Carina & Niko

About half way between Köln and Frankfurt is Montabaur – its strikingly yellow castle overlooking the Westerwald was the setting for Carina and Nikos wedding!

Carina + Niko_2

Carina + Niko_3

Carina + Niko_4

The sprawling grounds gave us a number of different settings to shoot in, and the yellow walls provided a pop of colour in the background.

Carina + Niko_

Carina + NIko2

Carina + NIko3

The great thing was, all the locations from the ceremony to the party were in close proximity to each other, but nothing was crowded or cramped together.

Carina + NIko4

Carina + NIko

I was really happy with the timetable we’d agreed on – it gave us plenty of time before the ceremony to get all the shots in that we wanted, while allowing the couple to spend time with their guests once they had arrived!