India – aperçus

We only just got back from our lightning tour to India and here’s a short appetiser for your optic nerves.

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We covered Delhi and Goa during our 12 days there, which basically just served as a short introduction to how to travel in India.

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The food was amazing – succulent and no problem at all everywhere we went!

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To sum up: an adventurous trip. Not quite relaxing but more a voyage of discovery!

As far as I’m concerned, Delhi’s worth a detour – a huge one, if you ask me (Check out Part 1 of our trip in black and white)! I’d get in and out as quickly as possible next time I travel to India. Goa on the other hand is a different story. We picked our beach carefully and spent four blissful days on Patnem beach, quite a way south of the airport at Vasco. It was beautifully relaxed and easy-going, nowhere near as busy and noisy as Palolem beach – just north – is supposed to be. The provincial capital of Panjim was also a great spot to just amble around – something Indian cities aren’t really famous for!