India in Black and White – Part 1

A lot of people started casting sidelong glances at me when I told them that I was planning to showcase my photos from India in black and white. After all, the essence of India is colours, isn’t it?

India Page 1

Take your time, make sure you also look at the large versions of the images by clicking on them and then at the small „expand the image“ icon, in the top right of the frame, and tell me what you think!

India Page 2

India Page 3

India Page 4

India Page 5

The photos in this post were all taken in New Delhi during our first couple of days in India. Not a city I would willingly visit again, but that judgement is probably mostly due to the terribly stressful first 12 hours after arrival. Let’s just say we were thrust into a vortex of rip-offs and needed a few days to recover. But then again, the city also spoilt us…

India Page 9

India Page 12

India Page 13

India Page 28

India Page 25

India Page 8

India Page 7

India Page 6

India Page 14

India Page 15

India Page 24

India Page 26

All in all, I feel that black and white reflects a lot of what we experienced – and even helps to isolate structures and common themes beyond colours. If you’re still curious, try to compare the images in this post to the few pics in the teaser post Aperçus.

What do you think?