Namibia – more than you can shake a stick at

So the last post about Namibia was all about animals. Mostly animals around the watering hole in Okaukuejo camp. Well now here’s a closer look at what you can see when you head out into the plains!


This Wildebeest or Gnu was simply trotting alongside our car. Apparently, their eyesight isn’t the best, so they tend to hang around Zebras to use them as early warning systems.


Ostriches were a tad more shy than other animals and tended to move around in smaller groups, with an ever watchful eye toward us.


In general, the entire animal population of the Etosha national park was very used to cars on the road near them.


Tourists watching them through binoculars or taking pictures from vehicles – well that wasn’t really news to them.


Compared to some of the more remote parts of the country that we visited, it was almost like a petting zoo…


Okay, almost: because you only needed to have an elephant look your way and put up his ears in order to feel a tad nervous!


The Emus seemed to feel the same way, because they were particularly skittish around the big guys.


And even the Onyx moved warily around the watering holes.


But even when you think you’ve seen all the animals you can handle during the day and driven all the kilometers you ever want to, it just takes two elephants crossing the road in front of you, with the setting sun low behind you to make it all worth it!