Namibia – Moving through

Sitting in cars for ages was perhaps the single most annoying thing about our trip to Namibia… or perhaps frustrating is a better word?


I’m not keen on road trips at the best of times, but this was taxing my patience…

First of all, there’s lots of ground to cover, so you end up driving for hours from lodge A to B. Every day or every second day. Second, once you’re at your destination, chances are you want to see some wildlife. And some of that just happens to be a lot bigger or more predatory than the critters you can meet in the wild in Western Europe. So your car becomes your living space and safe zone.


So you drive. Everywhere. In 4x4s, trucks, boats or just your average sedan.


And I was beginning to wonder whether the umpteenth closeup of an elephant’s bum would do justice to the place (okay, so none have so far been posted on this blog, but I’ll get around to it – don’t worry). Because I was bored rigid, I decided to completely invert the settings on my camera and took the following series of photos while in the moving car.







I suppose some cabin fever was inevitable…


So: take your ipod, some speakers or a docking station (for charging and in case your car doesn’t have a way to hook up to your music) and keep your eyes peeled for the odd elephant crossing the road ahead…