Namibia – Seal colony

A short trip north from Swakopmund is the Cape Cross seal colony.


The first thing you notice when you get out of the car is the stench. Even though the strip of sand and the rocks were rather empty for this time of year, the wind blew over the seals‘ pungent smell.


Rather empty just meant there seemed to be some spaces between the seals, where others could have lain!


This strip of land was fatal to a good many newborns, as the cadavres of tiny seals showed: when the cooling winds are absent for a day or two, the mortality rate rises dramatically among youngsters, since they’re quite unable to regulate their body temperature outside the water.


There weren’t as many tourists as I had feared, but those that were there, were quite well equipped with cameras and lenses.


But, as in all wildlife photography, patience is prime. Which is why my pictures of the seal colony are distinctly lacklustre… *sigh*