Said & Done

It’s been a rainy few days over here, and since photographing the local skyline was on my list, I checked the weather report for some time before sunrise today: no rain forecast!


Now for a spot where I could capture the skyline in detail and as part of a wide panoramic sweep: the Deutschherrenbrücke over the river Main is easily accessible and wide enough to let passers-by through without me having to fold up the tripod every 5 minutes.


This turned out rather nicely, because – much to my amazement – there are heaps of runners out there at 6am! Since it’s a railway bridge, there were also some freight and commuter trains passing by, but much less than I had anticipated.


A band of clouds scraping the buildings meant I couldn’t get a perfectly clear view of the entire skyline while it was still dark, but the blueish tinge of sunrise doesn’t really hurt the photo, does it?


The brightly-lit building on the far right of the first photo in this post is the new European Central Bank building; you can see a detail or two in the following image. I think the first people have started moving in and they’ll continue moving over the course of the next month or so.


No luck with the sun peeking through the clouds, possibly even lighting up the skyline… but tomorrow should bring another rain-free and less overcast morning, so fingers crossed!


By the way, the trip back home in the opposite direction to rush hour was very satisfying indeed 😉