Summer – not quite in the city

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5787

So far, summer has been rather unsteady temperature-wise. But we certainly had a dry spell up until about two weeks ago.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5738Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5742 Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5751

Thankfully, that spell broke and we’re now enjoying lush greens again rather than scorched earth.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5778

So we decided to head out and catch a breath of fresh air when the crowds aren’t out and about.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5729Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5640 Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5659 Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5689

There’s an old airfield nearby which has been converted for recreational use – with nature taking over completely in parts. The café next to the old tower is decent and the overgrown helipads are a labyrinth.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5698 Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5703 Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5705

You can even spot a bit of the city in the distance, if you try. But on a weekday the cycle path along the stream is quite deserted.

Fotografie MD 2015 IMG_5723

We’ll probably head out in another direction again, if we can manage. But perhaps not these next few days, when we’re expecting a few more real scorchers – we’ll just batten down the hatches until things cool down a bit