Thailand – Chiang Mai – Part 2

Ah, this little tale of a winter holiday in Thailand has dragged on so long, it’s close to ancient history. Sorry you’ve had to wait so long for this next instalment, but I’ve been a tad busy.

Our foray to Doi Suthep, a temple complex on the mountain overlooking the city, was really worthwhile, not least because of the cooler air and the breeze.


The colours and contrasts really did it to me on this side-trip. If only the temple hadn’t been quite as overrun.


Elephant statues peeking out of flowered hedgerows, mythological creatures rearing up in front of dark blue skies…


…or bamboo shooting upward into the evening sky…


…and even temples seem to be hunkering down for the night…


…while traffic races on regardless.


We also managed to catch a train to a place outside the city where we indulged in a day-long cooking course with a great little group of tourists.




We’ve taken home a bunch of favourite recipes, including the delicious sour and spicy soup Tom Yam Kung or Tom Yam Gai.