Thailand – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai was our starting point in Thailand. Choosing this city in the north allowed us to generally head south for the remainder of the trip…



The only things we’d prepared was the flight there and a few nights in a hotel on the northern city moat.


Admittedly, Chiang Mai can appear quite over-touristy if you persist in staying in the middle of the city.


But seen from our vantage point, we found brilliantly blue skies, quiet temples capped with gold, elephant reserves and excellent restaurants and cafes of all kinds.


Elephant Nature Park deserves a special mention: if you’re ever in Chiang Mai, have an interest in elephants and in having a positive impact on their lives – rather than just doing the “isn’t it pretty, let’s ride on it” tour, book a single or multi-day visit to Elephant Nature Park.



It’s a bit pricier, and no, you won’t be on your own there, either; but it’s the best way of experiencing elephants and helping them, too!


The temple complex of Doi Suthep is built on a mountaintop overlooking Chiang Mai in the distance.


Before you board one of the collective cabs leaving from near the north gate, make sure you’re not feeling queasy. The winding road makes delicate stomachs turn.


There are more images from Chiang Mai to come, before we head due south…