Thailand – Rest & Relaxation

Since this is a holiday, and not a photo safari, we’re spending the last week of our trip hanging out in different spots on the island of Koh Lanta, on the western side of the mainland.


Some well-earned R&R, mostly walking up and down the beaches, swimming instead of showering in the morning, healthy breakfasts, seafood for dinner!


But I seldom take my camera into my hands, because they’re busy with either drinks or books. I find I’m deflating somewhat and spend entire days … well not doing anything worth reporting!



The last few days are actually a bit overcast with some rain, so we spontaneously book into a place that has bigger rooms and a more luxurious setting to enjoy ourselves, in spite of the weather.



I really can’t think of a way to end this series of posts about our vacation in Thailand except to say that it’s been one of those trips where you come back with a new, longer list of trips that you really want to do.

Looking back through my images, I’ve come to realise my photos are a bit of an attempt to cut through the clutter and bustle of the place and create simple lines and clear structures from what can be a slightly overwhelming environment. Photography seems to become an instrument of understanding, ordering and processing for me, not just by re-arranging memories and impressions ex post facto, but also at the very time I am using it to take pictures.